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Kambang island legend

Pulau Kambang

What about that many on the island Warik Kambang it? Apparently it has its own story and make this island has a charm to visit. In the plot mentioned one of the king's seed in areas not blessed with children Kuin. According to the forecast astrologer if you want to have children had to visit the island by holding a ceremony Kambang badudus (bath-tub). Divination and fortune-teller's advice was met by the royal family. Some time after the ceremony on the island of Kambang it, apparently the wife of the king's seed is pregnant. So excited and happy with the attendance of the royal family to look forward, then the ruling king ordered royal officials to keep the island so that no damage or disturb.

Royal officers who had orders to keep the island carrying two large warik tail, males and females who were given the name of the wine.Perhaps the story after so long this royal officers mysteriously disappear, is not known where he had gone. While the abandonment warik breed and become residents of the island Kambang. The parents in advance when visiting the home Kambang can still see the wines that are different from ordinary warik.

The existence of this warik warik-Kambang have made the island more attractive to visit. Based on observations ever made by those who are concerned about the presence on the island Kambang warik is known there are two set of monkeys that come out of hiding in turn. Warik troupe first came out around 05.00 sd l3.00 and then connected by a collection warik second sip at the center of the island visitors Kambang. When the group first sip did not comply with the provisions with the understanding through the operational deadline, then he will be hunted by other warik entourage. Precisely at that time may only fellow who knows warik.

That was the origin of the island Kambang warik its inhabitants.About the truth is up to the Almighty. That island and warik Kambang were real river surrounded around, no need to question its existence. But do not forget to visit as a tourist.

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