20 Sep 2011

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The Floating Market In Banjarmasin borneo

Banjarbaru-zone :

From downtown to the floating market go from Banjarmasin Klotok boat is used or is generally known, lasts about 45 minutes to reach the market in the Barito river, however, if the local Exchange transport, land use Alalak requires less time come on the market. Klotok rent is not so much. Between Alalak the market is not too far. If the Alalak Klotok usually at a cost of thousands RP70 (depending on whether or not I negotiate tenant) chartered. In addition to the guests in the entire market is invited to travel tenant  island Kembang.
This floating market for over 400 years. If the inhabitants of the interior of the earth, ineffective or crafts for sale in the results of trade in the products of local residents and merchants who came on the market is. But of course, is the tradition. Now there is no such thing as an exchange system on the market.
Beside the River (by boat, red), the uniqueness of this market transaction is the clock starts from 5.00 bis 09.00 clock. If any part of this program, which can be used to calm the markets. Because after 09: 00 local time, dealers are on small river commerce products for the residents whose homes are for sale in flood plains divided.
Many are bought and sold. In plants, handicraft materials, fruits and many others. For those of you who just want to relax, enjoy a cup of tea or coffee, food and much more Banjar cake, the influence of the waves while enjoying the ride Klotok. Curious? Therefore, if Banjarmasin, remind me of the floating market … Since, as mentioned, does not apply if the visit in Banjarmasin, but not for the floating market.
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